Rochdale ladies second match of the week was on Sunday 11th March against University of Manchester, where the ladies were hoping to end a fairly successful week, with a win.

With Rochdale only having ten players, the ladies knew they were going to have to fight from the first whistle to the final second. Goals came thick and fast for Rochdale as the passing on the pitch could only be described as textbook. Katie Burrell secured the first goal after patiently waiting on the back post for Roisin Pickering to cross the ball in from the right wing. Soon after Gemma Hodcroft found herself one on one with the keeper, after MacDonald back from injury, passed down the middle of the pitch to the top D, Hodcroft remained calm and smashed the ball past the keeper into the right-hand side of the goal. It wasn’t long before Burrell and Hodcroft got another goal each – making it a very successful game for the upfront pair.

This put a lot of pressure on University of Manchester however; as Rochdale started to fatigue they conceded two late goals. This meant Rochdale had to step back up and maintain the intensity to guarantee the win. When the final whistle sounded Rochdale walked off the pitch beaming with pride as they finished the week with a win.

Captain Kie: “It was a tough match with neither team having a full squad; they really gave us a run around which we made harder for ourselves. A good win though, well done all!”

The player of the match was Gemma Hodcroft.