Rochdale were determined to continue on their winning streak especially as Captain Becky Knowles was unable to play today’s match due to ill health.

From the first whistle passing was excellent which enabled Rochdale to score an early goal, leaving the Manchester team stunned as the ball fired into the net. The first goal went to Katie Burrell. For the next ten minutes Rochdale dominated play, with attempt after attempt for a goal. Eventually being rewarded after many driving runs from Roisin Pickering, Paula MacDonald and Molly Barker. Katie Burrell tapped it in after great triangle play. Manchester University reacted with very aggressive play, something that did not deter the defensive unit – made up of Hannah Palmer, Nicky Mogan, Gillian Owen and Dionne Collinson.

Half time finished at 2-0.

In the second half Rochdale continued the hard press with great hassling and some fantastic tackling from junior Sarah Ransome. Ransome excelled on the pitch and made herself known to the opposition. Manchester managed to break on a counter attack and took a shot on goal however, keeper Partington skill fully stepped off the line and demonstrated an effortless save. Manchester had another shot on goal after recovering the deflection but Partington sent it away with her excellent reflexes. With Manchester trying hard to get on the score board, Mongan and Owen dominated the middle channel to deny any opportunities.

The third and final goal came from some excellent inter unit play. Collinson picked it up and passed to Gemma Hodcroft. Hodcroft. Hodcroft passed to MacDonald who sent it flying into the D to meet Burrells stick.

The game ended in 3-0 with Burrell scoring her first hat trick!

Captain Knowles: “Fantastic play, well done girls, you have come on leaps and bounds. Amazing set play from defence to up front. We have gained three points which is a step closer to second position”.