Saturday saw Rochdale travel to Stockport to take on Stockport Bramhall Ladies 3’s, a fixture which is usually infamous for it’s battle between both teams.

Stockport started the game by pushing high up the pitch which caught Rochdale off guard and within the first ten minutes they were 1-0 up. This did not deter Rochdale who continuously worked hard to push back up on the counter attack.  With Gemma Hodcroft and Paula McDonald working through the middle to deliver quality passes to Roisin Pickering on the right and Katie Burrell upfront. However, it wasn’t meant to be in the first half as Stockport took the score to 2-0.

Half time was signalled which was much needed for the Rochdale ladies.

With some stern words from Captain Knowles and a whole team approach the ladies entered the second half with a game plan: play there own game.

This worked well for Rochdale as Stockport we’re left open mouthed at the change in play. Short sharp passes between the defence – Gill Owen, Nicky Mongan, Hannah Palmer and Becki Moon – saw the Stockport team running in circles, before the ball was sent to Molly Burke in the middle. With the help of McDonald and Jenny Banks, Burke managed to get the tap in after charging towards back post. Rochdale were ecstatic to finally be on the score sheet – which spurred them on further.

The second goal came thick and fast after a fantastic strike from Hodcroft saw the ball whizzing into the bottom corner. The goal came after a great display of passing between Becca Newton, Becky Knowles and Pickering.

The game ended 2-2.

The game was a great display of team work with Mongan in the back communicating with the defence, Owen using her wealth of experience to direct play whilst Collinson and Moon used the width of the pitch to pass down the wings. Which ultimately lead to the ball safely travelling to the brilliant attacking players.

Sarah Ransome slotted back into left wing – after showing promise in previous games – and delivered a fantastic performance. Which ultimately lead to her being made man of the match – well deserved for a determined player.

Captain Knowles: “It was a scrappy game but Rochdale we’re determined to come out with at least one point. I’m proud of the team today as they dug deep and delivered, especially in the second half!