Rochdale Mens Seconds 2 v 4 Didsbury Northern

The second game of a tough weekend saw Rochdale 2s play Didsbury Northern 6s at home in a rearranged fixture due to a frozen pitch before the Christmas break.

Rochdale knew this would be a tough game as the reverse fixture was completely dominated by Didsbury when they played them in the first game of the season, but Rochdale started the game off strong and with the same amount of energy that they had played the previous day with lots of attacking play as well as some very stern defending at times. This sort of play helped to ease the nerves of all the players and meant they could settle into a comfortable rhythm.

However, at times this would be disturbed by a mistake either passing the ball without enough weight or just plainly passing to the opposition. With the Didsbury midfield looked quite formidable at times Rochdale had to keep their heads and work quickly to remedy it.  At times though, Rochdale were getting the run of play and with a few quick and well timed passes the returning Scott Hempsall-Jones was able to force his way into the D and secure an early lead with a top D shot.

The grit and determination showed by both sets of players was remarkable and the game was played at a very high intensity tempo, and with both teams bringing a full complement of substitutes this made for a very enjoyable game to watch.

Rochdale were quick to get back and defend when they lost possession not allowing the Didsbury midfield any room to build. Rochdale were able to win the ball back effectively and as a result could counter attack with pace from the forwards and midfield. This resulted in another goal for Rochdale courtesy of Bjorne Brauns just before half time. But with Rochdale feeling comfortable they started to sit back in their own half and gave away a free hit to Didsbury which was quickly taken, running straight into the D the striker fired hard and low at the net to make it 2-1 at half time. 

The second half started off with as much pace as the first half had finished and the game was flowing well until a flurry of short corners for Didsbury allowed them to claw a second one back and draw level. At this point it would have been very easy for Rochdale to allow their head to sink and start falling apart but this didn’t happen. Each player spurred on the players around them and they played as unit for the entire game giving each other the boost that they needed.

Rochdale played some brilliant attacks but failed to convert, tis was to be their undoing as energy reserves faded, Didsbury were able to take control of the game and managed to put away 2 more goals before the final whistle.

Captain Karl Wynn “Even though Rwe did lose their were plenty of positives to be taken forward from this game and we showed how well we can play, when the players rally around each other to keep themselves going and play as single unit. Its a shame we can only give one Atticus Trophies Man of the match, as the whole team deserves it,  Luke Rosebury put a real shift in today.”