Rochdale Mens Seconds 2 v 1 Golborne Mens Seconds

Rochdale had not played since before Christmas due to the adverse conditions and were looking to kick start the second half of the season with a double header, playing both Saturday and  Sunday, first up were Golborne Men.

The game started off fast and furious, something Rochdale traditionally don’t like but with the new year comes a fresh new attitude, as they quickly settled into the pace and managed to fend off a flurry of Golborne attacks. As the game progressed Rochdale found their footing and started to play with ease and joy, spreading the ball around the field and playing some beautiful hockey with lots of passing and of the ball running. Whenever possession was lost Rochdale didn’t give up and quickly got back behind the ball and in front of the opposition putting in tackles and not giving the attacking players time to develop any form of attack.

With Rochdale settling into the game and working hard attacks were coming from all angles on the pitch it was inevitable that Rochdale were going to gain something. A wonderful reverse stick shot from Luke Rosebury, flew in to the back of the net. However the opposition appealed the goal claiming it went through the side netting. After a short discussion by both umpires it was decided that the goal was to stand and Rochdale were off the mark, 1-0.

The game carried on in much the same manner, becoming a great game for the neutral to watch with both teams giving no quarter. The biggest surprise being that the scoreline remained at 1-0 at the break.

The second half started with the same gusto that Rochdale had finished the first, developing some excellent opportunities to widen the score line with wonderful attacks down both wings. Eventually this started to pay off with Rochdale earning 4 short corners in quick succession. Rochdale tried different tactics for each one final!y resulting with a well slotted goal from Tim Liptrot to double Rochdale’s lead.

With less than 10 minutes to go Golborne started to press harder and faster and with Rochdale feeling comfortable and knowing they had to reserve some energy for a fixture the following day, Golbornes determination paid off and they clawed back a goal to deny Brian Robinson a clean sheet despite his best efforts in the Rochdale goal.

The game ended 2-1 and was a thoroughly deserved win.

Captain Karl Wynn “ Today’s game is only half the story for this weekend, we have a very tough fixture tomorrow. But the guys played well, reserving as much as we could afford for Sundays game. Alex Paolozzi has looted in fantastically since joining us and fully deserved todays Atticus Trophies Man of the Match.”

Man of the Match Alex Paolozzi.