Rochdale Ladies were looking to continue with their winning streak this weekend when they played host to bottom of the league Glossop.

Straight from the starting whistle Rochdale went on the attack. Some slick passing by attackers Paula McDonald, Roisin Pickering, Katie Burrell and Gemma Hodcroft proved difficult for Glossop and they relied on their solid central defender and the goalkeeper.  This was much the story of the first half.  Rochdale showed some fantastic attacking hockey but Glossop’s goalkeeper was proving to be a rock at the back. Attack after attack was stopped by some great acrobatics by Glossop’s keeper.  Just before half time though Rochdale had the break they needed. Paula McDonald picked the ball up in the middle and passed it out wide to Pickering. Pickering galloped down the wing and passed the ball to Hodcroft who very cleverly flicked the ball over the keeper. The deadlock was broken!! 1-0 to Rochdale.  This gave Rochdale more confidence and once again Pickering picked the ball up and drove into the D area. She hit the ball across the goal but Jenny Banks just couldn’t get a touch and the ball went off the back line.  Glossop did show promise in the first half but defender Gill Knowles made sure they didn’t enter the D area!

With a tough team talk at half time by captain Becky Knowles Rochdale knew they had to be better.

In the second half Rochdale knew they needed to work the ball round the keeper if they were going to get more goals.  Glossop started the second half quite brightly and they found themselves on the attack. They passed the ball very well but Rochdale’s defence of Dionne Collinson, Nikki Monghan, Becki Moon and Hannah Palmer once again showed their fighting spirit and kept the ball away from Sam Partington in goal.

Moon, Knowles and Hodcroft were desperate for another goal and their battling in the middle of the pitch was giving Rochdale a variety of chances to attack Glossop’s defence.  

With Rochdale knocking on Glossop’s door they were doing some last ditch defending. As a result though Rochdale were awarded several short corners. With a very well structured set up and quick closing down from Glossop, Rochdale had to think of different short corner tactics but Glossop still kept the ball put out of the goal!!

Another chance came for Rochdale with a strike from Banks. The goalkeeper theatrically saved this shot and the ball parried out to Pickering. Pickering struck the ball which lifted in the air and some how the Glossop keeper jumped up and saved the ball again.  Their keeper was pulling off saves that even David De Gea would have been proud of. This just wasn’t proving to be Rochdale’s day.  Even the junior players were not getting any luck on the left wing.  

With 5 minutes to go Rochdale were getting frustrated and they were awarded a short corner. Selfishly once again Banks wanted the ball.  McDonald injected it to Banks. Banks picked it up and ran to her right. She struck the ball so sweetly that the Glossop goalkeeper did not have time to react. 2-0.  

Captain Knowles, “Even though Glossop are bottom of the league they played very well but Rochdale were the better team on the day.  Their goalkeeper needs a special mention as she was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. We made it hard work but it’s another great win for us.”