On Tuesday 6th March Rochdale took on Bolton 2nds at 7.30pm at their home pitch as poor weather conditions meant the original fixture had to be cancelled. Whilst this was strange for the Rochdale team – as they usually play on weekends – the ladies worked hard to move out of the bottom spot. As soon as the whistle sounded the ladies came out with high energy and hassled throughout the pitch to put pressure on the confident Bolton team. It wasn’t long before Rochdale were 1-0 up with a fantastic display from the ladies. Kie Leech intercepted a ball up in the defensive third, passing to Susan Halpin on the left wing who crossed it to Jenny Banks. Banks took it round the defenders and slotted it home sending the Rochdale fans wild.

With this confidence boost Rochdale tried to hold onto the lead however; as fatigue started to set in and with Bolton pressing high, it wasn’t long before they equalised.

Moments after this happened Paula MacDonald sustained an injury from a questionable stick tackle meaning she had to be taken off to receive treatment from Nurse Bedford. This was a huge blow for Rochdale as MacDonald provides support for the whole team in the middle however; the ladies did manage to stop any more goals and the game ended at 1-1.

Captain Kie Leech “The team played brilliantly tonight, working hard right from the start and they battled until the final whistle. The night game added a new dimension to the match which I thought we all dealt with very well including our juniors. Well done ladies!”