Rochdale 1 Vs 0 Disbury Northen 4’s

Rochdale’s first game back in the New Year following the Christmas break, saw the ladies raring to get back on the pitch with some new recruits Sarah Ransome, Rebecca Newton and Lauren Charlesworth stepping up from the juniors.  Didsbury came out fighting from the first whistle with quick passes and plenty of movement on the ball. However; Rochdale defence – made up of Dionne Collinson, Becky Moon, Gill Knowles and Nicky Mongan – was not phased as they worked together as a unit. Collinson intercepted the ball during Didsbury attack in the ‘D’, took it out wide before passing to Newton who fantastically slotted up the pitch to Pickering. Pickering had a shot on goal, just short of the post. This was sign of Rochdale’s intent and new found confidence.

Just before the half time Paula McDonald tackled her player and worked it up with Gemma Hodcroft to the attacking end. Becky Knowles had a fantastic shot on goal but with the quick reactions of the keeper it was sadly saved. Although; Katie Burrell who remained on the post, slotted it between the keeps legs on the rebound making it 1-0. 

With the success of the 1st half and a motivating chat from head coach Kenny Banks, Rochdale changed the formation and continued to play well with each of the new players proving they deserve a spot on the team. 

With Didsbury piling on the pressure, Rochdale maintained tempo whilst staying calm. As Didsbury tried to penetrate the ‘D’ Owen – also known as the machine – cleared the ball in one sweep sending it through to Hodcroft in the middle. Hodcroft took it round the defence, passing to Burrell who had a shot on goal. Unfortunately Rochdale didn’t score anymore but they did take three points and a sense of achievement and confidence in to next weeks fixture! 

Captain Kie Leech “This season so far we have put that much effort in every game and the scores don’t reflect it at all, but today it did pay off and if we keep playing all season like we are then we can hold our heads up high. Well done ladies, I am well chuffed. A big well done to our new players today, to our head coach Kenny and her assistant coach, Alexandra. After all the mince pies and glasses of wine over Christmas and New Year, Rochdale have come back raring for the second half of the season.”

Player of the Match was Paula McDonald.