Rochdale men’s second team made the journey to Prescot to play the reverse fixture from earlier in the season, hoping to repeat the 7-2 win.  Rochdale travelled with a now familiar squad with some additions looking for the continuity in the squad to reap rewards.

From the pushback Rochdale were able to take a stranglehold on the game and pressed high allowing the midfielders to push up. This caused problems for both the Prescot defence and midfield who were overloaded and couldn’t seem to find any of their players. The constant pressing meant the inevitable happened and Bjorne Brauns opened the scoring with a well worked goal.

Prescot struggled to get in the game at any point during this first half, leaving the Rochdale defence with little to do, at times this was no more than just bringing the ball back into play. Rochdale’s second goal came from a great attack down the centre, the ball was passed around in the D and and Niam Willis managed to smuggle home a scruffy but we’ll deserved goal to double Rochdale’s lead.

Prescot did managed to venture in to the Rochdale half on occasion, and on one such,  Dean Close did not retreat the permitted 5 yards given for a free hit. The second quickly taken free hit, saw Close once again not retreating and resulting in him receiving a green card and a 2 minute suspension from the game for the Rochdale vice captain. With a quick reshuffle Rochdale were able to absorb the pressure by the Prescott midfield and they were unable to capitalise on the player advantage.

Once Rochdale were back up to a full complement of players they looked to pile on the pressure and were able to secure a third goal courtesy of Graham Broadley, who with a spectacular strike, found the bottom left corner of the net and secure what was looking like a sure victory. To cement to victory before the half had even finished Rochdale’s constant pressure enabled Luke Rosebury another goal for Rochdale to put them 4-0 up going into half time.

Rochdale didn’t let up, the defence playing as overlapping wingers was proving to be effective. Another strike from the top of the D, this time hit the keeper only to come out as far as Broadley who on the reverse popped it over the keeper to make this game 5.

Prescot continued to push and Rochdale were able to take control and overload the opposition D. Leading to a short corner, quickly injected to top D, Broadley waited for the Prescot defenders before he offloaded to Brauns who struck on the reverse to make it 6-0.

With each attack Rochdale were pressing the Prescot D.  The ball was being transitioned from left to right and with a great cross from Peter Ransome to Close, who was completely unmarked at the top D, he slapped the ball into the back of the net to make it 7-0.

The last play of the game would ultimately prove to be the final goal and a first for one of the younger players in the squad. Last years most improved player, Peter Ransome managed to find the back of the net to score his first senior team goal.

Captain Karl Wynn “Overall it was a good performance but did also highlight areas we can work on. An aim at half time was to push for more goals and get keeper Brian Robinson his first clean sheet of the season.”

The Atticus Promotions Man of the Match was Peter Ransome.