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Player Ranking

Imran AnsariRochdale 2sMidfielder20
Sean CarneyRochdale 1sForward11
Michael WaddicorRochdale 1sMidfielder10
Mark VynneRochdale 1sDefender01
Karl WynneRochdale 2sDefender02
Dave Jackson-Defender00
Brian RobinsonRochdale 1sGoalkeeper00
James DeacyRochdale 1sGoalkeeper00
Peter RansomeRochdale 2sDefender00
Bjorne BraunsRochdale 2sMidfielder00
Andy MeanockRochdale 2sMidfielder00
Dean CloseRochdale 2sForward00
Graham BroadleyRochdale 2sForward00
Dave EdwardsRochdale 2sMidfielder00
Luke RoseburyRochdale 2sMidfielder00
Josh RobinsonRochdale 2sForward00
Mark EdenRochdale 1sDefender00
Danny RamsbottomRochdale 1sDefender00
Daniel BoweRochdale 1sDefender00
Rob LeesRochdale 1sMidfielder00
Richard BorrittRochdale 1sMidfielder00
Andrew BorrittRochdale 1sDefender00
Keiran KingRochdale 1sMidfielder00
Barry GumbleyRochdale 1sForward00
Scott Hempsall-JonesRochdale 1sForward00
Dave GowersRochdale 1sForward00
James ShepherdRochdale 1sForward00
Stuart DeardenRochdale 1sMidfielder00
Jenny BanksRochdale LadiesForward00
Jonathan HerreranDefender00
BOBBY BOBForward00