Rochdale mens 2s went to top of the league Horwich on Saturday and from the moment they arrived has grave concerns over the condition of the poor pitch with mulch and leaves strewn all over. George Rogers took a tumble during the warm up and this would prove to be a common feature in the match for many of the players.

Rochdale put some early pressure on the home team who hadn’t conceded a single goal all season but Horwich had a very pact counter attack and were first to get on the score sheet. Rochdale continued to put some great runs into the opponent’s D but struggled to find the right pass at the the right time.

Horwich then with another counter attack managed to score again to make it 2-0, Rochdale’s heads didn’t go down and before half time with a great counter by Andy Meanock, Aaron Hunter and Graham Broadley, Rochdale managed to be the first team this season to score past the Horwich goalkeeper with a well worked tap in from Broadley.

Going in to half time Rochdale knew what they needed to do, but failed to act upon it and Horwich scored a third. As the game progressed Rochdale started to retreat into their own half and allowed Horwich to play the ball around them and maintain the pressure.

With about 10 minutes to go the poor pitch played its part. Rochdale’s Niam Willis who was closing down his opponent slipped and hit his head. ¬†Willis did try to play on but conceded he couldn’t. Shortly after the game had finished Niam took a turn for the worse. He went to Salford Royal where he was treated for concussion and was kept in over night for observations. ¬†He was released on Sunday but advised not to play for the next 2 weeks.

Captain Karl Wynn “It was a difficult game today and the pitch had a big part to play. Thankfully Niam is ok now and we all look forward to his speedy return, he more than earned the Atticus Man of the Match award today.”