Rochdale ladies went in to Saturdays away fixture against Glossop still looking for the first points of the season. Rochdale started with determination and full of passion with Sue Halpin and Kie Leech working brilliantly up the lefthand side of the pitch, causing plenty of problems for the Glossop defence.

Halpin was unlucky not to open the scoring when one such move ended up with her charging into the Glossop D to take on the keeper, who’s only defence was to sit on the ball and earn Rochdale a  short corner and but not the warranted penalty flick! Rochdale were unlucky not to convert and the score stayed at 0-0.

Becki Moon put a huge shift in on the right hand side and was up and down the pitch like a steam team tracking back to help the Rochdale defence when needed and then pushing up to support the midfield. As the game ran on Glossop were starting to crank up the pressure with a number of short corners. Rochdale Captain Kie Leech led by example and made some brilliant stops but 2 did get through, both were smashed home leaving little anyone could do.

Glossop were looking to play most of the game through the middle. But the strong Rochdale midfield pairing of Paula McDonald and Gemma Hodcroft saw them stealing the ball and feeding it out wide to the Rochdale wings. This was where Rochdale were most dangerous, but struggling with confidence to strike in the opposition D  unfortunately left them still goaless. As time wore on Rochdale again pulled their socks up higher and found a bought of confidence which saw shots on goal from Becky Knowles, Halpin and Leech. All of which were saved by a very agile glossop keeper but Roisin Pickering and Katie Burrell never backed down and were quickest to react to every clearance and take another swipe at goal.

The result doesn’t show the hard work and skilful play that Rochdale put in, but did leave watching fans feeling proud of their team despite the score line. Outstanding performances from Dionne Collinson, cementing her place at left back, Sam Partington in goal and Mcdonald and Hodcroft in the middle of the park showed an absolute desire to win.

Captain Kie Leech”On paper things aren’t looking great but the spirt of the team, the effort of each player and the blood, sweat and tears they have always shown are definitely still there and it’s only a matter of time until the confidence will come back bringing the goals and the points. This season is definitely not over, Rochdale are just getting started… later than planned but they are still looking up!!”

The Player of the Match went to Roisin Pickering.