Saturday saw Rochdale travel to Ashton for an away match against Glossop, and after their win last weekend they were hoping it was the start of another winning streak. Being Remembrance weekend the match started with a minute of silence for respect.

Rochdale were fielding a defence heavy team, and as such were playing Dionne Collinson and Becki Moon in midfield, something which both players adapted to very well. Helping drive the ball into Glossop’s defence and preventing their attack from getting too near to Rochdale’s.

First goal of the game went to Gemma Hodcroft, who worked well with Roisin Pickering in the midfield to create an opportunity in Glossop’s D which she took before their defenders could properly respond. This was a brilliant display of hockey and a warning to Glossop – up your game or face the wrath of Rochdale.

Rochdale had started as they meant to go on, with some great, short, sharp passes down the field around Glossop players to take full advantage of the open spaces on the pitch. Their defence was strong and Gill Owen and Kate Brammer often intercepted Glossop, before they were able to become any particular danger. They were also able to rotate their positions and play to adapt to the opportunities presented to them, with defender Kate Brammer driving the ball up the pitch with the midfield before picking it back up and taking a shot on goal.

Glossop were able to push back, occasionally worrying Rochdale’s defence, but an excellent save from keeper Sam Partington and strong defending by Nicky Monghan and Hannah Palmer staved off any Glossop goals in the first half. Attacker Katie Burrell was able to increase Rochdale’s lead by an excellent goal that flicked over Glossop’s keeper into the net making the score 2-0.

The second half soon saw another goal from a Rochdale hit out by Gill Owen reaching Gemma Hodcroft who made it look easy as she nipped between a couple of Glossop players before taking her chance. Those hits would become a stable of the game to allow Rochdale multiple chances.

However, weariness was starting to show, and Rochdale’s defence started to slip slightly as players stopped tracking back, leaving Glossop with an opening that they took full advantage of. However, that was enough to prompt Rochdale back into action and get back into gear. After that, they were not getting another chance, despite Glossop’s best efforts.

Rochdale were able to land themselves a couple more goals. Sarah Ransome worked the left wing well before finding a position next to the post to be able to cut in an excellent pass. Roisin Pickering also found herself on the score sheet, working well with fellow midfielder Paula Macdonald and the attackers to pass the ball around to create her opportunity.

Final score was 5-1 to Rochdale, with goal scorers Gemma Hodcroft, Katie Burrell, Sarah Ransome and Roisin Pickering.

The player of the match was Gemma Hodcroft and umpires player of the match was Roisin Pickering for brilliant and tireless play.

Captain Pickering said: “We worked hard right from the start today, with brilliant passing and we were able to keep our heads and play our game, with smart attacking and great defending.”