Rochdale travelled to Ashton on Saturday to face Glossop in their second game of the season. Despite missing captain Becky Knowles they had a strong squad of fourteen players, all eager to take the win, with Pickering stepping up as captain.

It was clear from the first whistle that Rochdale weren’t going to make this easy for Glossop and quickly the first goal was scored by Gemma Hodcroft after she slammed the ball into the back of the net, far too fast for the keeper to react.

The Rochdale ladies were spurred on by this and the energy throughout the pitch was unbelievable – it soon became clear fatigue was setting in for the opposition allowing the Rochdale defenders, Collinson, Owen, Monghan and Moon, to push up the pitch to support the attack.

The Glossop side became desperate to make it 1-1, and when a short corner was awarded to them, it was looking likely. However; Owen intercepted the shot on the Rochdale goal line, passed to Collinson who drove a pass up to the forward line of Newton and Rachael. Newton hit it to Rachael who passed square to Pickering who took a shot on goal. Despite the efforts of the defence, it was too strong to be stopped. The first half ended 2-0.

The third goal of the game came quickly in the second half. MacDonald received a pass from Moon after she expertly tackled the Glossop forward, before sending it up to Hodcroft – who despite having two injuries during the game battled on. Hodcroft powered the ball into the D, Burrell connected with it and sent it home. This is just what Rochdale needed to maintain the motivation.

With Glossop’s chances of a win slowly slipping away they attempted to penetrate the D numerous times but Rochdale were not willing to succumb. Owen and Mongan ensured they dominated the Rochdale D to prevent any of the opposition coming in which meant keeper Partington didn’t have to touch the ball once – what an achievement!

A valiant effort from all with each player putting on a brilliant performance and proving that Rochdale mean business. Fantastic effort from Rochdale’s new players and juniors.

Stand in Captain Roisin Pickering: it was great to get our first win of the season, especially with such a dominating display. A special mention needs to go to the junior girls who have made the step up to the senior team. Well done!

Player of the match went to Racheal.