After two successful weekends on the bounce Rochdale were hoping to carry on their winning streak and begin to climb up the league table. However; with testing weather conditions combined with Dionne Collinson and Susan Halpin becoming injured early on – meaning Rochdale had to change their formation many times in the first half – it proved to be a challenging game.

Whilst Rochdale barely awoke in the first half, Bury were allowed to dominate, using long fast passes to launch attack after attack on the Rochdale defence. Being immediately put under pressure started Rochdale to panic and the quality of the passes between players became a  ‘hit it and hope’ exercise. But whilst Rochdale did not start off as well as expected, they did have numerous opportunities to score with six consecutive short corners awarded to them in the first half nonetheless; the Bury defence proved too difficult to crack and by half time Rochdale were 3-0 down.

After a strong team talk at half time on to survive this attack, Rochdale settled and started to play their own game which saw a marked improvement in the quality of play. Every unit stepped up with the defence tracking the Bury players, the middle working tirelessly to win back the ball and turn defence in to attack, and the upfront and wing players incessantly trying to even the score line.

But the damage was done in the first half, although Rochdale didn’t manage to get on the score sheet, they manage to hold Bury to a single goal in the second half and the game ended 4-0.

Captain Kie Leech: “We didn’t really turn up in the first half and Bury took advantage of that. The second half was totally different ball game and if we had played like that from the start it would have been a very different story.”

Player of the match went to Kie Leech for a true captains performance.